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After reading and still following over 100 mangas, over 50 books and ( also 100 ) fanfictions.....I cant' seem to write what I want. I think the most logical answer to that it that.....I feel like I'm copying something I've already read. Every scene, every line, every move and every character I am somehow reminded of something I heard, saw or read somewhere. It constantly annoys me because I can't help but to feel unoriginal. I once wrote a small story about zombies which I really wanted to write because, you know, I've always loved zombie stories. sadly, I wrote it when the High School of the Dead and Walking Dead hype started going. My only feedbacks were "Oh this reminds me of Walking Dead/HotD." I almost flipped a table over, kicked it in mid air and watched it land on somebody's head.

Maybe that's why I've been losing my writing mojo. I think I need to stop reading for a while. But then again, I love reading. I think I should stop writing- wait no. That's not an option. I promised two stories. A weekly chapter for a zombie apocalypse and a small little try at an MLP:FiM short story with borrowed characters. I need to get my head in gear. I need to ignore that feeling of unoriginality.

I need to deal with this like............Big Macintosh.

Eeeyup I do.
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I'm twenty one. I'm bilingual. I take jokes, I give jokes. I know memes. I know music. I know more than people think I know. I know everything, actually. I just can't remember it all.

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